How can we help?

AIDA EA markets helpers from selected supply partners directly to you. You select your helper and mutually agree on your job description and the house rules. AIDA EA delivers the helper to you. Our direct employment services and the fees are transparent. All these can be done at the convenience of your home. If the employment does not work out, return the helper to Aida EA.

We offer convenience and transparency

AIDA EA Services

AIDA EA has a range of employment services to meet your expectations. During this Covid 19 pandemic which has higher health precautions, we introduce Direct Employment service to help you reduce cost and financial risk as you do the job matching and selection yourself directly with our supply partners. If you require an EA to assist you, we can provide Agency Employment services.

We can offer Premium Employment for families who need caregivers with nursing qualifications or highly qualified helpers.

Our commitment to you is transparency in services and fees.

Member of the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore)