Biz Model

AIDA EA’s Business Model

In crisis, we invent. The challenge is to reduce the costs of finding a FDW from overseas.

We create a new business model to collaborate with selected FDW Suppliers to directly market FDWs in Singapore. AIDA EA Direct Employment allows the Employer to directly select and offer employment to the helper from a Supplier and use AIDA EA to bring the helper into Singapore according to MOM laws and regulations. The Employer agrees to be responsible for his/her selection of and settling in the helper to work in the household. Like hiring other workers, we truly believe that the Employer should provide a conducive environment and openly communicate with the helper on her work duties and conditions. The Employer must practice a balanced reward and corrective approach in managing the helper. This will increase the probability of employment success.

AIDA EA works with our Suppliers to find experienced helpers. Our Suppliers are very experienced in recruitment and selection of suitable candidates and provide proper training as the case maybe. Experienced helpers will improve the success retention rate and reduce your financial risk to find a replacement helper

Integrating caregivers with home nursing for wholistic homecare

AIDA EA collaborates with iCare to create an integrated homecare by combining caregivers with nursing experience at the required level of service for people with serious health conditions. Our caregiver supply partner has many years of experience and it is important that a professional healthcare partner enhances the caregiver training for local requirements and integrate the caregiver into their care management plan.

For elderly care with no intensive caregiving, it is more cost effective for Employers to get experienced helpers using direct employment and get an eldercare training provider to equip the helper with the required skills.